Caroline Haffner – 2023

The 17th edition of the Gstaad New Year Music Festival began on 26 December 2022 and runs through to Monday 9 January 2023. As Artistic Director and Founder of the festival Caroline brings international stars and young talents to the mountains to present new musical programmes.

Gstaad New Year Music Festival

Caroline Haffner is continuing her musical programme around Europe – next piano recital in Zagreb, Croatia on Friday 29 October 2021.

As artistic director of the Gstaad New Year Music Festival, Caroline has also completed her program bringing together artists for the 14-day event starting at Rougemont Church on Monday 27 December 2021 with Met star Angel Blue.

The 15th/16th Gstaad New Year Music Festival
A not-for-profit Altezze e Musica festival:
Sous le Haut Patronage de SAS le Prince Souverain Albert II de Monaco
Revised dates: Monday 27 December 2021 – Sunday 9 January 2022
Artistic Director Princess Caroline Murat

15th Gstaad New Year Music Festival moves to Spring –

The annual festival in the Swiss mountains has been postponed until Spring as a result of the Covid restrictions on cultural events.

The same musicians who hoped to come for the new year are on their way for the spring.

Caroline continues to organize the festival as its artistic director, and to practise her piano. News of concerts and live streaming to follow –

Celebrating Beethoven Pastoral Day

Betthoven-Pastoral-Project_Logo_step4 While not quite as planned, Caroline is celebrating the United Nations World Environment Day, as one of the many artists from all over the world making a statement for climate protection in the spirit of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, the “Pastoral”.

As the pandemic made physical performances, discussions and events impossible, organisers decided to make the Beethoven Pastoral Project an online event from Beethoven’s birthplace, the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn.

To retain the spirit of the project and of  Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, or “Recollections of Country Life” Caroline is marking the day by looking to the future – with invitations for concerts in Venice, Italy and then to Gstaad where the 15th edition of her New Year Music Festival will take place between Saturday 26 December 2020 and Sunday 3 January 2021.

In the first week of French progress towards renewed movement, Caroline has memories of Beethoven’s own notes for the first movement of the Pastoral when he wrote: “Awakening of cheerful feelings upon arriving in the country,” and that the the whole will be recognised as a matter “more of feeling than of painting in sounds.”

Caroline Haffner St Martins concert STILL copy 2

Caroline is on Twitter @gstaadnymf and Facebook and most recently has a page on Patreon

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Caroline Haffner – 2020 recitals and plans

After 11 events over 11 days in Gstaad for the New Year Music Festival, Caroline Haffner is preparing a year of recitals and cultural events. More news in the coming weeks.

Patting the Steinway as it made its way home, by helicopter, from the Gstaad Yacht Club, Princess Caroline also took to the air –

Gstaad New Year Music Festival Opus 14

Tickets are on sale from this week at Gstaad Tourism, in Rougemont and online from the festival office (E: This is the Gstaad NY programme:


Gstaad NY agenda

We are delighted to be part of the City of Bonn’s Beethoven 2020 celebrations and will be marking the great date with the composer’s music in a variety of forms – Beethoven in Havana, the Eroica and his wonderful Fifth Symphony – all in special transcriptions.


The opening night is Friday 27 December 2019 with Joachim Horsley and we continue until Monday 6 January 2020 with a closing concert by the Menuhin Academy in Lauenen. In between, the star soprano making a name for herself in New York, Lisette Oropesa, sings in Rougemont Church on 2 January 2020, and the day after, the 12-year-old pianist who made a sensation in Paris, Alexandra Dovgan plays in St Niklauskapelle on the Gstaad Promenade.

This video is from last year –


And this is a pdf of the printed programme from last year :  GSTAADPROGRAMME 2018

Rougemont audience 18.19

Information and concert tickets from the festival office –

Association Altezze e Musica
Spittelweg 12
CH-3782 Lauenen


Tel: +44 75 319 57584

Twitter: @gstaadnymf


and find us on Bachtrack:


Summer concerts

Chopin Ballades – London



Caroline returned to St Martins in the Fields, London WC2 to play

Chopin – Nocturne Op 48 No 1
Chopin – Ballade Op 23 No 1 in G minor
Chopin – Ballade Op 38 No 2 in F
Chopin – Ballade Op 47 No 3 in A flat
Chopin – Ballade Op 52 No 4

and as an encore, Debussy’s ‘Clair de Lune’ – which is on Vimeo:

As part of the Embassy Series in collaboration with the 14th edition of the New Year Music Festival in Gstaad, Switzerland.

The video of the Four Ballades is to follow – as is more information of Caroline’s World Tour – Chopin’s Ballades 2019 – 2022.


Plans for 2019


Plans are underway to celebrate significant musical anniversaries for the 14th edition of the Gstaad festival, starting on 27 December 2019 and continuing into the first week of January 2020. In the meantime, do come to our events through the year in London (18 June), Venice, New York, Paris – and Lauenen for the Friends Party in August.

The festival is a partner with the Beethoven 2020 celebrations organized by the city of Bonn, with Germany’s President Frank-Walter Steinmeier as its patron, and the associated Beethoven Pastoral Project:


In the meantime, please contact the Festival office in Lauenen or Paris –

Princess Caroline Murat, Artistic Director, The New Year Music Festival in Gstaad, Altezze e Musica, Spittelweg, Lauenen. 

Viktoria Postnikova, piano.jpg


Les Napoleoniens dans la Grande Guerre:

Here is the link to Princess Caroline’s family during the Great War – so significant also for Debussy –

Des Napoléoniens dans la Grande Guerre –