Gstaad New Year Music Festival Opus 14

The programme is set, our friends are aware, and plans are in place: GstaadNewYear

We are delighted to be part of the City of Bonn’s Beethoven 2020 celebrations and will be marking the great date with the composer’s music in a variety of forms – Beethoven in Havana, the Eroica and his wonderful Fifth Symphony – all in special arrangements.


The opening night is Friday 27 December 2019 and we continue until Monday 6 January 2020, with an extra concert for those just returning – on Friday 10 January 2020 in Fribourg.

Gstaad Festival Artists 2019

This video is from last year –


And this is a pdf of the printed programme from last year :  GSTAADPROGRAMME 2018

Rougemont audience 18.19

Information and concert tickets from the festival office –

Association Altezze e Musica
Spittelweg 12
CH-3782 Lauenen


Tel: +39 334 380 0904

Twitter: @gstaadnymf


and find us on Bachtrack:


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