Celebrating Beethoven Pastoral Day

Betthoven-Pastoral-Project_Logo_step4 While not quite as planned, Caroline is celebrating the United Nations World Environment Day, as one of the many artists from all over the world making a statement for climate protection in the spirit of Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, the “Pastoral”.

As the pandemic made physical performances, discussions and events impossible, organisers decided to make the Beethoven Pastoral Project an online event from Beethoven’s birthplace, the Beethoven-Haus in Bonn.

To retain the spirit of the project and of  Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony, or “Recollections of Country Life” Caroline is marking the day by looking to the future – with invitations for concerts in Venice, Italy and then to Gstaad where the 15th edition of her New Year Music Festival will take place between Saturday 26 December 2020 and Sunday 3 January 2021.

In the first week of French progress towards renewed movement, Caroline has memories of Beethoven’s own notes for the first movement of the Pastoral when he wrote: “Awakening of cheerful feelings upon arriving in the country,” and that the the whole will be recognised as a matter “more of feeling than of painting in sounds.”

Caroline Haffner St Martins concert STILL copy 2

Caroline is on Twitter @gstaadnymf and Facebook and most recently has a page on Patreon

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